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What Skill Set Comes With Your Job Title?

"You gotta have the skills to pay the bills." But figuring out which skills will optimize your chances of scoring that dream job is a difficult task, especially if you're switching fields of expertise.

Luckily, with Bright's huge database of resumes, we can figure out exactly which skills are key for a given job title. By analyzing nearly one million resumes, we designed this tool to explore which skills are most commonly listed for some of our most popular job titles.


It's immediately apparent that many positions share basic, common skills. Noticing where the skills sets of different fields overlap is key for job seekers looking to branch out into new fields or broaden their job search. The acquisition of specialized skills and expertise can allow, say, an administrative assistant to make the career leap into management, human resources, or accounting.

What this tool reveals is how important it is to put your job-specific, applicable skills front and center on your resume. Want to be a camp counselor? Highlight your CPR certification and first aid training to really stand out. Graphic Designer? You'd better know Photoshop. Even if your skills are quite common, if they are important to the position they're important to list. A technical writer's resume should definitely list Microsoft Word, but a school bus driver could probably leave it off.

This tool is a perfect example of how we apply data analysis at Bright; by distilling hundreds of thousands of resumes into a simple picture of the most important skills for a job. Using tools like this, we can help job seekers perfectly tailor their resumes to land their dream job, or help hiring professions write job descriptions to attract the right talent.

Interactive Job Title Map

Browsing through the skills required for some of Bright's most common job titles, it's easy to start to see patterns; jobs seem to fall into medical, administrative, artistic or technical categories. To show off the interconnections between job titles, we've put together an interactive graph connecting all of the job titles which share important skills.

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We recommend using a recent version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome to view this graph. If you'd like, you can download a PDF version of this graph instead.

This graph is just a tiny subset of our data, but it's easy to see how the techniques we used to create it could be applied to helping job seekers. Maybe there's a marketing intern who doesn't realize that she has the requisite skills to move into graphic design. Perhaps we can suggest to a barista what additional training he needs to move into phlebotomy. And categorizing positions in ways like this helps us to understand which job titles are essentially synonymous, so we can find more jobs which are prefectly suited to a job seeker, even if their search terms don't exactly match the job title.

Interactive Skills Map

Here we've flipped the data around and built a graph which connects skills mased on the number of job titles that list them.

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We recommend using a recent version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome to view this graph. If you'd like, you can download a PDF version of this graph instead.

As with the graph of job titles, we've automated the grouping of skills into units by color -- it's easy to see clusters of design, marketing, medical, legal, and accounting skills -- and more. Techniques like this could help us suggest related skills to job seekers to help round out their resumes, or make suggestions to hiring professionals writing job descriptions so that we can match them with the best talent.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Analysis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). This is a normalized set of job titles upon which the categorize their employment survey data. For instance, they do employer salary surveys for each job title. Here, we present a searchable database of BLS SOC data, where you can search by job title (both official SOC title and colloquial versions) and SOC job definition. We provide the best match SOC code and salary information for the SOC code.