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Bright Labs is a novel approach to visualizing the state of the employment market. By combining Bright's massive database of jobs and candidates with social, financial and government data sources, our team of data scientists analyze the hiring trends of every company and industry in every city in the United States. We deliver the most up-to-date, specific, and comprehensive analysis of the employment market.

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      The Bright Labs Team

      Our Data Science team hail from diverse scientific backgrounds.

      Jacob Bollinger

      Ph.D. Integrative Neuroscience, University of California, San Francisco
      The lead scientist of Bright Labs, Jacob grew up in an economics and business journalism family and began reading the Chico Enterprise Record at age six. He studied biochemistry and genetics at the University of California, San Diego where he also captained the men's varsity soccer team, and received his Ph.D. in computational and integrative neuroscience from the University of California, San Francisco. As a postdoctoral fellow, he authored several academic publications focused on neurophysiological mechanisms of attention, learning, and memory.

      David Hardke

      Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, Ohio State
      Our Chief Scientist, David is a former Nuclear Physicist who thinks that finding the right jobs should be easier than splitting the atom. David earned a B.S. at Duke and a Ph.D. at Ohio State. He did fundamental nuclear, particle, and astrophysics research at CERN, Brookhaven, the South Pole, and U.C. Berkeley. During his research career, he worked on "big data" problems before "big data" became a marketing slogan. Recently, he has applied these tools to internet and enterprise applications.

      Ben Martin

      Ph.D. Geophysics, University of California, Santa Barbara
      Ben's work on our Data Science team focuses on Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. He received his B.S. at Wake Forest University in Physics and Math and a Ph.D. in Geophysics at UCSB. He has worked on a wide variety of projects, from internal waves in the South China Sea to the thermochemical evolution of the Earth's interior.

      Anton Dam

      B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford
      The newest member of our Data Science team, Anton graduated from Stanford in 2010 where he received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and worked on computational cardiomechanics. Before joining Bright, he worked in economic research, focusing mainly on data questions in the antitrust regulation world.

      Connor Skye Riley

      M.S. User Experience Design, University of California, Berkeley
      Skye studied computer science at Olin College and received her Masters' degree in User Experience Design at UC Berkeley. Her equal talents for design, coding, and yelling at Internet Explorer segued naturally into a career in Frontend Engineering. Her former employers include The MathWorks and BitTorrent, where she built software for interface designers and designed interfaces for software developers, respectively.

      Taro Sato

      Ph.D. Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
      Native to Japan, Taro studied astrophysics before his head exploded trying to figure out the universe. With his data research skills, Taro now hopes to help extraterrestrials find employment opportunities on Earth and make ends meet during their stay.